Anonymous asked: North? :3

1) None of the Freelancers but York had a happy childhood. I think the Twins weathered the same shit as kids and I think South wears the mean it gave her on her sleeve, but North’s got that inside him and I’m just saying they were synced up when it comes to killing things. 

2) He’s kind of condescending and seems to big brother people, but what really drives this home for me is him beating up South, basically presenting himself as a turncoat siding with Tex, then telling her what’s up and taking her off shop. It suggests to me he just really thinks he knows whats good for other people.

3) North is reckless about protecting South which is actually detrimental to them both. South should be focusing on protecting herself and North should focus on protecting himself because worrying about someone else is what gets you killed and North pulls this shit and South resents it because A: the fact he was even looking means he doesn’t trust her to watch herself B: now she has to get him out, which endangers her C: he broke the rules again

4) North’s an asshole. He’s pals with York, you just have to be a bit of an asshole. He’s not just THE NICEST GUY EVER. 

5) He treats Theta like a kid… but he also treats him like a weapon because that’s what he is and I don’t think North ever forgets that aspect of what Theta is, but he doesn’t discredit Theta’s fears either. 

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Anonymous asked: For the character ask meme thing. Church and/or Carolina

I’mma do Carolina

1) Here’s the thing: she said her mother was a smart woman with terrible taste in men so that includes her father, you know, the one she was fighting and dying for. She didn’t like the man. I mean, cmon, Church was always a prick and I dont think it was just PFL. So I think Carolina actually did half the shit she did because if her mother loved and respected him then she will be as goddamn strong as her mother and help him finish the war that killed her.

2) She lost her mother at a young age, her father is an emotionally manipulative fuck who basically allowed her into a program to experiment on her and as a direct result of her father’s actions she and all of her teammates went insane or died or both. basically, she’s got some clear reasons for being like she is. 

3) I think she hated Tex because Tex was the kind of strong she unconsciously imagined her mother might have been and it made her unbearably jealous because she wanted to be that strong, to be that capable. her intense hatred for Tex seems to go far beyond simple insecurity and competition for the Director’s approval. I think that she and her father actually had this in common — seeing Allison in Tex and it driving them a little crazy. 

4) Eta and Iota drove Carolina insane. She and Wash both had AI that drove them to their knees and put them in the medical ward in a graphic physical scene that forced other to mercy-angel knock them out. Note: Carolina still kept her AI after. 

5) Carolina was a solider. A good humored, level-headed, highly confident veteran who looked out for her squad even if the program as a whole was basically suicidally dangerous all the time. She believed the man her mother loved would do some good… and that man used that belief to use her and ruin her and ultimately destroy everyone she knew. 

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kickasschloe asked: South? (for the character meme thing)

1) South was genuinely upset when North got shot during that mission in the arctic. there was no motive then to pretend concern. she cared. and when she was talking about her twin later like ‘and now im just sitting here wondering how im gonna live without him' — I think it follows that was genuine. she loved her brother. I think she just loved herself more by then and one should wonder why that is more often.

2)  don’t ever forget that South is a loud angry tactless person who just says everything she thinks — whether is bitching about the leaderboard, calling out her squad leader pulling shit, or calling dibs on an AI. she’s mean and inappropriate and selfish, but sometimes she’s not fucking wrong. 

3) speaking of unfiltered reactions: ”I can’t believe she did that. Just sacrificed him like that…” 

4) Delta can lie

5) Her own brother gunned her down and carried her off the MoI rather than just tell her what was up, probably ‘for her own good’. If nothing else, that should say something about their relationship and its dynamics. 

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kiaxet asked: Maine!

well, I guess he would be the one, huh?

1) he’s first, and foremost, a soldier. he’s been a soldier longer than he’s been anything else which creates a dichotomy where he is a man whose been through more shit and horror than anyone in the room and has absolutely nothing to prove to any motherfucker… but simultaneously doesn’t know what the fuck a cappuccino is.

2) he doesn’t talk but he does think and he does notice things. alot of things. be it a blind spot, a bullet coming, or that connie’s eating oatmeal instead of yogurt this morning, he’s hyper-aware of people and events around him and more perceptive than people credit him.  

3) he is a mean fucking bastard of a motherfuck in the field. he will crack your jaw and bounce your face off a wall if that’s his mission… but he’s completely easy going out of combat. he’s got a very clear sense of when it’s time to be violent and when it is, then he is. when its not, then he’s not.

4) he took a bullet for carolina. 

5) sigma moved in and influenced him without any of his teammates noticing which suggests to me that even if he would die for these people, he has no idea how to talk to them and that has nothing to do with his voice or lack thereof. 

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hello, world!
if you post red vs. blue things could you do me a huge favor and reblog this so i can find and follow you? i’d really like to see more rvb on my dash. c:

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Why Guys Like Asian Girls - Anna Akana

Everyone needs to watch this video. Now.

100% on point especially about men thinking that having “yellow fever” is a compliment and we’re supposed to be flattered by it. It’s the #1 way to parade around your blatant racism.





Pick a character I’ve written and I will explain the top ~three to five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

list of ocs / inbox

Oh man this is just really cool to talk about/see with fanfiction as well! :)

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Anonymous asked: Tex and/or Allison please? :)


I know I keep saying ad nauseam that there are characters I still don’t have a good handle on, characters I wanna think way more about, but holy crap is Tex ever at the top of the list. I still wanna rewrite The Enigma Variations sometime.

1. She manages to make close friendships during PFL. This gets forgotten so often. She and North hit it off, and she and York are friendly enough that he (a) abandons the Project along with her, (b) breaks back into the MoI with her to rescue the Alpha, and (c) is willing to go with her on a dangerous mission years later at a moment’s notice. She thinks fondly of Wyoming and Maine: “big dummies”. Connie signs off on her note with “Your friend.”

2. “She told me once she would’ve given anything to save you.” Tex and Carolina are complicated.

3. All through s8, she’s after knowledge. Not revenge. She’s absolutely, tunnel-visiony motivated by trying to figure out what was done to her. She doesn’t really know what’s next, except that finding out who the hell she is—well, that’s important. That’s the most important thing.

4. She personifies failure? I call bullshit. She succeeds in mission after mission after mission. She picks up after the others’ failures. But the Director is constantly, relentlessly pitting her against the others—I mean, he starts the training scenario by either purposely giving only two out of the three agents fighting her live ammo, or by looking the other way when that happens. What did he expect? That York would get killed in the crossfire? That Wyoming and Maine would take her down? That she’d have to get a whole lot more lethal and wind up killing one or more of them? That wasn’t a failure; she succeeded, despite having the deck stacked against her, in getting everyone off that training floor alive—including York, who was at point-blank range when the grenade detonated. Her later failures are the inevitable result of the downfall of the program itself. She fails in scenarios that are rigged by the Director. That’s an important distinction. He finds ways to slow her down, maybe not always consciously, because that really is all he remembers of her: that something went wrong and she never came home.

5. She’s not just a shadow.

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wreathedinshadows asked: That too. Locus does tend to give melodramatic speeches. God just the fucking cliches with both of their characters drives me up a fuckin wall.

lol I like them well enough, i just want to cover their mouths sometimes like “shhhhhhhhhhhh”

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That’s from the Season 9 trailer. Not a lot of stuff from that trailer made it into the season, due to production challenges.

wham bam thank you, maam

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shootthewizardfirst asked: Hey, sorry to bug you, but what episode/trailer is that gif of North, Tex, and York being surrounded by bad guys from? I can't remember it but it looks awesome.

u know im not even sure. followers, anyone know?

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Anonymous asked: How do you feel about Greyalina?


carolina concedes that she just threatened her with the knife because it weirded her out that the doc talking about things inside her was kinda hot because, in this instance, the thing was a knife. and that’s just weird. 

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wreathedinshadows asked: Which is why I like Locus better between the two cause I can take him more fuckin' seriously. Felix just... Rubs me the wrong way. Not just in attitude but I'm pretty sure the dude's off. It was mentioned that he and Locus just couldn't quite fit back into civilization like the others. Now I wanna know what it'd be like to see them trying to do so though?

Locus is harder for me to take seriously specifically when he talks too much. He tends to get long-winded. Like Felix is a fucking motor-mouth motherfuck who can’t shut his hole to save his life. I expect that shit from his character-type so even if I’mma laugh at his over-exposition, it’s at least self-aware. 

Locus annoys me because he’s melodramatic being played straight. I just want to stab myself in the fucking eye every time he talks. ‘Sheep to the slaughter’. JESUS. I get such intense second-hand embarrassment. Please no. gawd stop you cheesy fuck and go back to just shooting people and not explaining yourself to anyone because why would you do that?.

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