hatepig asked: Imagine Carolina and CT playing The Game with 479er. The Game consists of causing fake 'turbulance' on the way back from missions when a newbie is doing their first ride-along, seeing how their nerves hold up. Carolina is the icy, stiff necked, totally together leader who insists nothing is wrong. CT is the nervous but putting on a good face shill who drives up the tension, and 479er listens in on comms and makes the ship shake and rattle on cue.


They did this with Maine and he just kind of folded his arms and took a nap. Did this with Wash and he was like “Fucking… AGAIN?” 

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Anonymous asked: Imagine, days after the crash, those who deserted spent weeks trekking the tundra looking for an outpost. They survived on meltwater , mres they nicked from the MOI, fish from a nearby river, and whatever elk-like animal roamed the Rocky wastes. Seeing as Tex was an android and didn't need to eat, she was often relegated to hunting duty. She'd roam miles at night in search of food. If she got lost, she'd listen for York's sorrowed screams to guide her back.

I’mma assume York nabbed a Pelican or a small ship after his fight with Carolina and got off the ship, then swung around to pick Tex up. 

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Breakers Cosplay punishandenslavesuckers as the Young lady 
peterjung as Royce! 
Photo By Edtan


Breakers Cosplay punishandenslavesuckers as the Young lady 

peterjung as Royce! 

Photo By Edtan

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Anonymous asked: omg. wings wings wings. i'm into wings like kdin is with dragons. wiiiiings.

pretty <3

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INFJ. Same as my Roomie. Dis why we gel. :P

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I finally took the Meyers Briggs personality test. Interesting.

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You need to love the villain as much as you need to love the hero if you’re going to have a great story."
— Andrew Scott (via waldo221b)


"Luckily I have an ace up my sleeve!" I smirk and roll my sleeve up. A confused asexual rolls out, blinking in the sudden light.

Anonymous asked: I'm still struggling if I'm aro/ace or sexphobic and low self-esteem. I'm a girl, so I waited for people to come to me, because that's what girls do, right? But I never got asked on a date in high school or college (barring one guy who's friends locked him in a car until he agreed to ask me) so I just... Assumed I was undesirable. Convinced myself I... Shouldn't be loved? Don't deserve it? I can't tell if I have no interest or if I'm just too afraid. -M

Love is is a complicated thing isn’t it? If you want love and can give love then you deserve it. Romantic love is a certain kind of love, but I’d argue it’s in no way superior to other kinds of affection out there. If it’s the type you want, then you absolutely deserve it.

I can tell you this though. 

Your self worth should absolutely not be reliant on whether boys find you desirable. It’s also okay not to be 100% sure. I’m in my mid-twenties and I’m pretty goddamn sure I’m ace and I’m just so unfathomably disinterested in romantic relationships, but I also know that could change. sexuality and romantic inclinations are fluid and it’s okay to be a bit wibblywobbly on the subject. 

Telling you not to be afraid would be silly because relationships are complicated and scary, but if you’re not sure and it means a lot to you then it’s worth it to give it shot. You deserve to be happy. 

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Anonymous asked: *whispers* winter soldier york


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Ahsoka making friends


Ahsoka making friends

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you’re a cute


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that winged eyeliner is hella

Im hella lazy tho. I have a liquid eyeliner that like… it’s magic. SWOOP and done

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Anonymous asked: you could do the best cosplay of an awoken from destiny


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