Whoa okay I went back and checked and CT is the only one who calls Texas “Tex” in the flashbacks, right before Tex kills her. The only one. (Apart from right at the end, during the break-in, when both North and York switch to calling her that.)

Makes it a little more poignant when South breaks Tex’s nameplate and Tex ends up with the “TEX” part of her nameplate clutched to her chest, right before finding CT’s dogtags.

*screaming sounds*

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*curls around* can we talk about CT and Tex being friends? :D

YES give me all the friendship there. Give me CT’s “I know what you are, Tex” (whoa, I think that’s the only time in the flashbacks she gets called Tex instead of Texas) and give me Tex wary and sidestepping around her, but CT’s quiet and careful and determined and maybe there’s some clinical curiosity there but there’s also “Your friend, Connie,” there’s calling herself Connie even after she’s apparently stripped herself of that nickname. And there’s CT recognizing that, beyond any of the others, Tex deserves to know what’s up, deserves that much autonomy.

Man, I want a week of female friendship fic. Just a full week of that. I might open up for prompts, once I’m done this South week fic.

Dude I am here for Connie, befriender of dangerous elusive Freelancers. I am here for them talking about the program and its problems and charismatic Tex, when Tex chooses to be so. I am here for the off-screen trust that Connie begins to put in Tex and here for them talking, for Tex sneaking off to find Connie when she’s supposed to be giving reports to the Director and I’m here for Connie’s eventual betrayal to be the real drive behind Tex’s anger when she says, “We don’t need you… we just need your armor.”

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So I know a lot of you know who Suppi ( fuckyeahroosterteethproductions )  is, and basically what happened today is that she and her dad where kicked out of their home way earlier than expected while in the process of moving out of the apartment. This is really unfair to them, but luckily they had another place to go to.

However Suppi is only recently reemployed and is a little strapped for cash right now, and while she and her Dad did have a place to go to they were unable to afford power or water and they’re going to need a little help.

Suppi’s paypal is email address is davis.loren25@gmail.com and anything would really help right now.

It would mean a lot if you could donate, even a little. Suppi has done a lot of the community both online and as guardians and it would be a really big help if you guys could help her out.

Thank you so much!

melindaington asked: Maine wakes up AU, the Reds and Blues are terrified. Dr. Gray decides he's going to be her best friend.


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as both a Harmonizer and a Mixer, I now have yet another girlgroup to fangirl over. Welcome Beatz

Girlgroups taking over the world. 

I was NOT expecting that

seriously. Weapon of the Times get all from Maine’s PoV and it’s gonna hit the Sigma section and then, welp…

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Anonymous asked: I wish we could have seen more of Sigma's take over from Maine's pov. Him becoming The Meta is actually really terrifying and upsetting to think about.

I’m writing a fic about that actually… <3

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Anonymous asked: Imagine if Meta was able to kill North just because South forgot to set her trackers.

that’s probably partially canon

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melindaington asked: Maine wakes up AU, and he sees Carolina and Wash, and part of him hopes it wasn't real. "I'm sorry, big guy. We're all that's left."


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I think the nicest thing that one female has said to another in the entirety of 12 years of Red vs Blue is Connie’s message to Tex which is somewhat ruined by TEX HAVING KILLED HER followed Sheila saying that Agent Texas is kind of a badass.

I agree and disagree at the same time. There defiantly needs to be more female interaction that isn’t competitive or anything and just more females in general. Miles seems to be working on improving this which I enjoy. But I don’t think it’s a “females in this show always hate each other thing” because you need to remember everyone in this show treats each other like crap. Even when they are supposed to be on the same team they are just terribly mean to each other. I think that it isn’t a matter of we need females who don’t hate each other or are nice to each other. I think these relationships will develop more with more females involved.

All I heard was “no females characters lived long enough to get past the ‘treat-you-like-shit’ stage” and… yeah, yeah you’re right. None of them did. 

Not that I don’t sympathize with your optimism, perks-of, but I can’t share it because I’ve got two characters in particular who punch a pretty deep hole in your argument and those characters are North and York.

Every single interaction between North and York (and arguably Wash, though I understand that some people see York’s banter with him as less than friendly and I respect that interpretation) in Freelancer make it obvious that they’re friends. Good-natured jokes, heartfelt conversations, multiple discussions regarding their misgivings with the project.

We’re not talking about two characters with a decade’s worth of screentime to get around to admitting they actually care about each other, like the Reds and Blues. We’re talking two major male characters in the Freelancer saga with extensive attention given to their relationship onscreen.

I remember when ‘brot3’ was just understood to mean North, Wash, and York in this fandom. Hell, I shipped it. There was fic out the ass and I wrote some of it and it was easy because it was just there, right in front of your face, every step of the way in season 10 especially, right up unti the end where pre-established plot forced them to go their separate ways with no explanation.

North and York were no more established a relationship than any of the female agents, and they didn’t have season upon season to grind each other’s gears and have fans interpret that as affection. They were just there, and they were friends and their friendship was irrefutable.

There is not and never has been any equivalent female friendship in RvB, not just among the Freelancers but anywhere. 

Season 11 passed with no female characters at all, not a single one until the end-credit teaser.

Season 12 introduced three new named female characters. They’ve yet to speak to one another. I’m thrilled that they exist, and I’m willing to think Miles can do better, but let’s not pretend he hasn’t had ample opportunity already that he’s ignored.

I do very much agree with you there. North, York, and Wash is a very good example of a great friendship. The only problem with this is that I literally can not think of another relationship that is anywhere close to that. If you can think of one please inform me because I would love to know. The thing I think is that it really is improving, I feel as though it is a lot harder to add in there relationships and characters that we all are hoping show up. Four female characters really is a depressing amount for a show don’t get me wrong but compared to the other seasons (other than project freelancer) that is a good difference. If Miles wasn’t trying he could have easily made two other the three new females male. But back to my other point when you are trying to move a plot along and not just set up characters which wouldn’t be all that entertaining you need to build the relationships of characters over more time than one season. People aren’t wrong for wanting the few and far between females of this show to be more than just fighting machines because we deserve female characters who can be cool and human as well. It just won’t happen very quickly.

One thing I did not mention is the fact that North and York did in fact know each other before we came in. We can presume at least a few months correct? For the current plot that is occurring which personally I enjoy a lot the females have not met on screen so we can only really assume that they have not met. Personally I feel like it is really odd that they have not met really at all yet except for Doctor Gray and Carolina but I don’t know what might happen next season. I don’t remember over what period of time season 12 happens but it doesn’t seem long enough for any relationship to really develop.

 do very much agree with you there. North, York, and Wash is a very good example of a great friendship. The only problem with this is that I literally can not think of another relationship that is anywhere close to that.

I’m popping in here because this is easy. 

The equivalent relationship to the North-York-Wash friendships is literally any of the Freelancer girls. York, Wash, and North had zero pre-established relationship and it was all developed in seasons 9 and 10. Prior to then, there was zero knowledge of their relationship beyond them both being Freelancers. In fact, York and Wash’s friendship fucks pre-established canon, but they wrote it anyway. (See Anne’s post about this.) York and North at least simply had no existing history.

Now here’s the thing: the exact same can be said of Connecticut, South, Carolina, and Tex. It was a blank slate. They could have written the women as friends, as friendly rivals who go sour, a mixture of the two, or anything other than all the ladies are hostile and/or never speak at all.

They did not.

The whole issue here is that even when there is almost an even ratio of men and women represented on screen, as in the PFL arc, the women were written one-dimensionally and as plot-devices with hostile relationships all around, while the guys were generically pals. We are all holding out hope this will not be the case this next season now that we have Grey, Kimball, Lina, and Jensen but basically… there is precedent.

We’re excited for that to be changed, but worried history may repeat.

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A Tex who meets the Director and one of the first things she says is “I killed Connecticut because of you.”

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A Love Letter

okay but imagine that Connie and Tex did have a friendship. like Connie talked to Tex the outsider because she’s an outsider too and sneaky and wanted to know more about Tex. Imagine Tex trash-talks the Director and this program and the leaderboard and the other Freelancers sometimes, but also imagine she lies a lot of the blame for the fucked dynamics rightfully on the Director. 

imagine Connie feels she might have a confederate, that she knows Tex does have a pretty strong sense of duty and would, if presented with evidence, flip. Imagine Connie excitedly dug into info about Tex to find our more about her, to get the strongest Freelancer on the team on her side… and then finding the Allison files. 

and freaking out

imagine she suddenly doesnt want to talk to Tex anymore because shes a program, she could literally be recording everything and not even know it. Maybe that’s even how Connie got caught. Imagine Connie feeling so hopeless because now she’s too scared to tell Tex anything even though she’s sure Tex, personality-wise, would want to do something. She just doesn’t know if telling an AI would help; you can over-ride the will-power of an AI. Imagine Tex being a little hurt by that. Imagine her anger when she hears Connie’s a traitor.

Imagine that final message from Connie is like… her love letter to Tex that she was too afraid to give in person, to a Tex she hopes can’t be over-written… that will burn this fucker down. 

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kill me for the Maine wakes up AU

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PFL Height Headcanons




Maine is the tallest. He’s ridiculous.

North and the Director are the second tallest.

Wash and York are the third with Wyoming like basically same height.

South, Carolina, and the Counselor come in just a bit shorter than the previous three.

Florida and Niner are officially short. 

Connie is the tiniest and will still murder all your shit. 

maine throwing Connie like a ballistic missile just popped into my head and I don’t know why.

Like this?



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Do you reckon that if at any point, Maine got Sigma out of his head and remembered everything that went down, he’d feel guilt?

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