Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #2

For anyone who is unaware of the amazingness that is Mairgheard Scott and her writing for the Dinobots, let me bring your attention to its awesome. This easily one of my favorite Transformers comics out this month. It’s got a murder mystery, post-apocalyptia, alien robot dinosaurs, and moments that make you love those dinosaurs more than ever. If that’s not enough to entice you, then keep reading.

The Beast Hunters comics have pretty much all the character relationships, emotional weight, and seriousness that doesn’t get into the cartoon. That said, the story is understandably grim and deals with a lot of darkness: The horror of extinction, survival, trauma, betrayal, and retaining one’s sense of morality and self in the face of that encroaching hopelessness. Grimlock and company are in dire-straights. The story is not light-hearted and it doesn’t give you a break by swapping to some light-hearted banter and making fun of Starscream’s highheels, but it also never makes the Dinobots the butt of a joke. A relatively rare thing in Transformers lore. 

Without giving anything away, some of my favorite bits have to do with Grimlock. His character is striking in that he is both the most powerful Dinobot, the leader, and their powerhouse… but he’s also the most vulnerable. Of all the Dinobots he arguably got the worst of it from Shockwave, which doesn’t even come close to eclipsing the individual horrors experienced by the rest of his team who are each uniquely haunted by what they’ve gone through. The dynamics between them are interesting. The others look out for Grimlock and they look out for each other, not just on the battle field but off of it as well - they each are aware of the troubles their fellow teammates are quietly dealing with. 

Giant killer alien robot dinosaur family. That’s what I’m sayin’. 

Rage of the Dinobots pre-dates the ongoing Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters storyline and I highly recommend it too. In fact, just pick up everything with Mrs. Scott’s name on it. This lady knows her giant robots. <3

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